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alchivista - materia visiva



Our concept is an alchemy between matter, shapes, colors, design, beauty, and emotions. It is a lifestyle, a way of doing things that is based on the individual’s distinguishing characteristics and uniqueness.


Our bespoke concept is suited to the customer who seeks individual attention, and wishes to stand out from the crowd. Our high-quality glasses, with their elegant, unusual, and sophisticated design, are more than just medical instruments that protect against the sun or correct vision; they are charm, aesthetics, objects of desire, and jewels for the face.

We offer you an exceptional opportunity to:


– Sample distinctive collections in a one-of-a-kind enviroment.


– Calmly and privately select and try on many rare glasses.


– Conduct advanced eye examinations with the help of cutting-edge computerized instruments.


– Receive guidance in selecting and creating glasses and lenses that best suit your aesthetic and medical requirements.

Noi possiamo offrirti l’opportunità esclusiva di:


– Indossare collezioni uniche in un luogo unico.

– Selezionare e provare con calma e riservatezza tantissimi occhiali rari.


– Eseguire un controllo optometrico computerizzato con strumentazione di ultima generazione.

– Essere guidati alla scelta e realizzazione dell’occhiale
e della lente che meglio si abbinano alle vostre esigenze estetiche e mediche.